ENNOVA is an IT and FinTech solution company

The business will be venturing into the blockchain world as well as revolutionising current digital systems and solutions.
The focus will be around developing and offering new FinTech solutions based on blockchain technology.

The mission of the business is to establish a safe, secure and convenient digital solution to the world in order to further drive and develop the economy and digital mobile service.

ENNOVA is an elite group of experts. We will build a network by connecting all information in the world and provide them to all areas where it can be valued and to people who are demand such information.

ENNOVA Business Consortium

ENNOVA Business Consortium group has 4 major business sectors:
Credit information, Financial services, Manufacturing, New businesses, and 47 subsidiaries.

ENNOVA’s business consortium provides huge opportunities to thousands of people through the benefit from the combined resources of its members and can be configured to allow total compatibility with current acquirer's Point-of-Sales (POS) network. And has highly secure, proven platform and PCI compliance ready Client/Server architecture.

Also, Our consortium participating companies are specialized in Mobile, FinTech, POS and cryptocurrency payment system and constantly developing cryptocurrency so that it can be used in real-life.

ENNOVA increases the general purpose of blockchain and cryptocurrency by combining payments through cryptocurrency into the existing business payment network of consortium participating companies.

Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Guarantee 24/7 customer support and quick response

Easy Admin Interface

Provides easy interface and email notification for eCommerce to view reports including transaction, settlement and analytics

Accurate and Quick Settlement

Provides the accurate and quick settlement processing to ensure income transfer


ENNOVA PAY is an Online Payment Solutions Provider offering an all-in-one online payment solution, which process thru credit card and transfer.

ENNOVA PAY and Our technical consortium leads the market by knowledge of an enhanced payment industry and experience of a financial solution provider more than 30 years.

It brings you enhanced FinTech Solution for accelerating your e-Commerce Business. Approximately 99% of ENNOVA PAY customers reported being satisfied with the services it provides. Our customer support is always available to solve our client's issues 24/7/365.

Tier Pay(ENNOVA PAY) delivers the customized payment solution for you
- the most bank channels and payment channels

Credit Cards

Collaborative banks – South Africa, Korea, Indonesia, others

Bank Transfer

Transfer at any bank channel including ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking and Bank Teller over Korea, Indonesia

Link Payment

Non-integrated payment platform including ENNOVA PAY payment solutions

Store, mart

Pay at convenience store, mart, Franchise, Gas Station

Direct Debit

Pay directly by internet banking subscribed service


Pay with eMoney by bank and telcos

Single API

Integrates easily with secured Single API for all ENNOVA PAY payment solutions including credit card, bank transfer, link payment, convenience store, direct debit and eMoney.

Mobile Responsive Design

Suitable screen size that responsive design with desktop monitor, laptop, tablet and mobile phone

Shopping Cart Module

Enable to integrate with Prestashop, WooCommerce, Opencart, Magento and others


Consumers make purchases through POS devices and kiosk supplied by ENNOVA at franchises contracted as partners in AUC's PG network, ENNOVA's Digital Asset, and make payments with cards and mobile apps containing en-Cash, the digital point of ENNOVA.

ENNOVA distributes transaction fees to business partners, companies operating payment services, and affiliate stores will pay PG network usage fees for the use of payment infrastructure provided to ENNOVA.

AUC and en-Cash can be exchanged on the Digital Asset exchange.

Digital Asset - AUC

The AUC coin can swap based on en-Cash Digital Point based on its country and real-time benchmark exchange rates. The converted en-Cash Digital Point is used in various real-world economic life within the AUC ecosystem, which can be converted at the Exchange and AUC Wallet based on real-time trading prices with AUC coins.

The en-Cash Digital Point is an Off-Chain, but there is no risk of modulation. The AUC project establishes the same level of security environment as major banks in Korea for risk management such as tampering or fraud. It has the Fraud Detection function to detect incidents during encryption and payment.

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